Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to register to use your service?

Yes. We will only process orders received from REGISTERED USERS. You must register before you can access the order page.

2. Can I pay using my credit card? Yes you can.

Our payment partner is PAYPAL and they allow payment either by credit card (instantly) or they can withdraw funds directly from your bank account (takes 3 to 5 days). We have chosen this method of payment because of SECURITY. PAYPAL has over 10 million registered users worldwide and have a good history of secure online transactions. By entrusting the security of your financial information to them, it means no employee of Mzabibi ever needs to know your sensitive financial data. In addition, we are committed to the privacy of any information that you provide to us. First, it is securely transmitted using 128bit-Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Secondly, Mzabibi will NOT share that information with anybody without obtaining your express permission to do so.

3. Can I pay using my bank account?   Yes you can. See #2 above.

4. Can I pay by ECHECK? What is an ECHECK?
No, you CANNOT. If you pay by ECHECK, we will cancel your order and refund your payment. An ECHECK occurs when you ask Paypal to obtain funds from your bank account to pay for your order. If you do this, it will take Paypal 3 or 4 days to obtain your funds and forward same to us. Meanwhile, we cannot process your order while awaiting payment. We would like to offer superior service which means that your order is delivered as soon as you place it. We therefore advise all customers to move funds from their bank account into their Paypal account BEFORE placing an order or use a credit card so that your order is delivered right away after we receive your payment.

5. I do not have a PAYPAL account. I do not want a PAYPAL account. Can I still use your service?
Yes you can. PAYPAL allows anyone without a PAYPAL account to pay using a credit card.

6. Why should I use your service? (click to expand)

For several reasons really.
a.) We are very quick. The majority of transactions (98%) can be completed in as quickly as 5 to 10 minutes. However please be advised that due to factors outside our control, some transactions can take longer. Server maintenance downtime, network congestion, power outages, inclement weather all affect communication and cause delays in completing transactions. When this happens, we will advise your recipient of the delay and we shall send an email advising you, the sender, as well.

b.) We have a very simple to use web interface. And because we are small, we offer personalised service. This means that when there is a problem, there is no bureaucracy to resolve your concerns.

c.) You never have to share or reveal your sensitive financial information to us.

d.) Note that even though you can place an order at any time when our order page is UP, our staff in Kenya are offline between 9pm and 6am Kenya time. All orders placed within that period, will be delivered when the office reopens at 6am.

e.) We have no hidden charges or shipping and handling fees. What you see is what you pay. Period. And what you send is what your recipient receives.

f.) And best of all, we have a proven track record. In the period of time that Mzabibi has been online, we have done thousands of transactions and counting....By doing this, we have built a reputation for speed and reliability as borne out by the comments on our customers' review page. We are proud of our success as a Kenyan company. We know the Kenyan market so why trust someone else when we can do it for you?

7. Can I use your service from Kenya? (click to expand)
Yes you can, with a caveat.

We have had instances where our customers have gone on holiday to Kenya (or any other country) and then experienced difficulties using their Paypal account from there. This is because to protect customers' accounts, PAYPAL MONITORS THE IP ADDRESSES you use to log into your account. If you one day log into your account from a different IP address, their alarms go off and even though you may be the legitimate account holder, they will block or hold any transaction you make pending investigations.
So, call Paypal before you leave for your trip and tell them your plans the same way you do with VISA.

8. Why has my order been refunded?
We advise all senders to avoid refunds. If you place an order and it is refunded, it takes Paypal a day or two to put your payment back into your bank account or credit card. Here below are some reasons that may cause your order to be refunded. Please try to avoid these scenarios:
(a). You pay for your order from someone else's paypal account or credit card. No, no no no! Do NOT do that. The order will be refunded PRONTO. If you are going to use your spouse's account to pay for your order, ask them to send us an email authorizing you to do so. If we have no such email, we will REFUND your order.

(b). You supply one name only for either the sender or the recipient. We are required by law to obtain and record the full names of both senders and recipients who use our service in case regulators audit our operations. If you have not supplied this information, we will REFUND your order. NO nicknames or sweetheart names or street names - just the official legal name on your recipient's ID.

(c). You place a large order when you have never used our service. New customers are advised to start small and get to know us while we do the same. It builds TRUST. If you suddenly appear on the scene with a big order and you are demanding that it be processed right away, SORRY, we will REFUND your order.

(d). Stock shortfall. You have placed an order and we do not have the requisite stock in hand to process the transaction.

9. I typed a wrong number. What now?
Some senders have the misconception that we have acess to a master list with all subscriber numbers. NO, WE DO NOT! We say this again and again: YOU, the sender, have the ultimate primary responsibility to provide US (Mzabibi) with the correct number for your recipient. You know your recipient! WE DON'T!


Therefore, we urge all senders to check their typing and check again before clicking submit. If you are not sure about the number, take the time to verify it and get the legal registered name of the owner of the line. Mzabibi cannot assume any liability after we process a transaction, in good faith, to a number you have provided.
The only hope to recover your funds is if the person it went to, does not remove the funds from the network. In these rare cases, the network provider MAY be able to reverse the transfer. Senders: please avoid this problem. Check your numbers with your recipient before you place an order.

10. My recipient says they did not receive my transfer. What should I do?
(a) The first thing you should do is forward to us the receipt that shows you paid for your order. This will give us all the necessary details we need for us to follow up and find out what may have happened. If you supplied us with the correct number, we will make every effort to ensure your party receives your transfer.

(b) The second thing is to ask your recipient to check the balance on their line. There are times when the SMS indicating delivery arrives when the phone is off, recipient is unaware or the phone is elsewhere charging. The recipient will not realize the transfer arrived until they check their balance.

(c) Another scenario that occurs from time to time is Safaricom's non completion of delivery. A recipient may receive a legitimate delivery code for a transfer without the funds being reflected in their balance. In this case, recipient needs to advise us so we can instruct Safaricom to complete the transfer.

11. Can I use your service from Europe or Asia or anywhere else?

Yes you can. We have done orders from Norway, Sweden, France, HongKong, Japan, Australia, St Lucia, Brazil etc. etc. We expect payment in U$ dollars so a prospective customer only needs to do a conversion of our prices to the currency of the country they reside in.

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